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6 Week Acting Intensive

With Chris Guzman

  • Open to students 8 years and up

  • Sundays: 12.00 - 1.30

  • Tuition fees: $225

  • New dates TBC



Week One: March 18, 2018

The Body

This one hour class is designed to allow actors the opportunity to explore what it

means to play with both time and space. Drawing on Anne Bogart's "Viewpoints training",

actors will be asked to investigate how their bodies move through space, how that

movement tells a story, and what emotions different explorations of time/space evoke

within an audience. Prior to day one, actors will be asked to bring in a performance

piece (1-2mins) that they would like to perform, it can be a poem, monologue, song,

dance, special talent etc.: really anything. They will share this piece with the class:

his helps us better get to know each other and allows me to understand the actor better

& what "performance" means.


Week Two: March 25, 2018

The Voice

Building off of the first class, this second class will cut right to the core of what it means to be able to develop the voice and project it on stage. This class will teach actors some very effective vocal warm-up techniques based on Chuck Jones' Make Your Voice Heard, as well as give actors a method to warm up the voice using the whole body. Actors will also be taught speech warm-ups which are effective in preparing and warming up the articulators


Week Three: April 8, 2018

Scene Partner

This class focuses on what it means to connect with a scene partner? What does it mean to react to what they are doing? What does it mean to listen and to be heard? At a time when so much communication is not done face-to-face, this class begs actors to face each other and absorb what the other is doing. Being on stage tends to quickly become about the self, but what happens when you begin to totally notice the other? This class will consist of a series of exercises which will challenge the actors as scene partners


Week 4 & 5: April 15 & 22, 2018

Scene Work

This class will build off of the assigned skeleton scenes and exercises will be done with each pair exploring the skeleton scenes and how they can create character and delve into those creative choices. The "4 P's" will also be covered during class.


Week 6: April 29, 2018

The Performance

For this class actors will utilize the tools they have learned throughout the past six weeks to perform their fully developed skeleton scene for the class. The 6-week intensive culminates with an opportunity for the actors to highlight and exercise what they've learned.

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