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Online Classes Spring 2020

During this time at home, your family at NYPAC is here to make sure this transition is as easy and beneficial as possible. We are calling upon YOU, our parents and students, to take advantage of all our programs that we are offering during our online conversion.


Some words that stand out to us in this time are: Educate, Create, Inspire, Connect, Engage, Collaborate, Wellness, and Kindness. These words have motivated us to stick together and push forward, and we call upon you to do the same!


We have converted to Online Classes! We are here to ensure that our students are getting the best dance education during this transition period. We want to commend our students on how amazing they are doing! It truly shows how committed and dedicated our students are. Keep up the great work!

Reminder: Make sure to be in a space where the teachers can see you fully. This way they can continue to guide and students can continue to grow!

NYPAC is not only here to educate, but also provide special programs* during your time at home. Check out our programs below for both PARENTS and STUDENTS, ranging from Family Dance Classes with Antonio to Team Talks with Annamarie and Carol!

Be sure to follow us on Instagram @nypacenter and participate in our many challenges coming your way! 

*This includes Online Recital Choreography rehearsals. Make sure to check for your class!*



Staying healthy, active, and engaged is extremely important while being home. Make sure you are keeping not only your body healthy, but also your mind! Stay connected with friends and take a walk outside, while still practicing social distancing,
..... or even better, JOIN US for a FREE special MIND AND MEDITATION practice with the one and only Jennifer Monness on SUNDAYS at 11am! 

Please email NYPAC if you have not received the Zoom link.

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